Friday, February 3, 2017

02/03/2017 Today's run & the week in review

Final run of the week, a short 4 miler in 29:47.  I sped it up a bit, even on tired legs.  I think I mainly did this because it's F-ing cold out.  The thermometer says 30, but the wind chill makes it about 19 the computer tells me.  I bundled up and ran my butt off to get back inside.  

As a whole, looking back on this week, I really put it all together.  My nutrition continues to be dialed in, now down about 14.25 lbs. since January 2nd.  Here is my work for the week:

Monday- 6 miles, 46:45
Tuesday- 5 miles, 38:50 & cross training exercises
Wednesday- 9 miles, 1:11+
Thursday- 4 miles, 31:40ish & 43 minutes cross training
Friday- 4 miles, 29:47

I feel really strong for the beginning of February.  My focus now is to continue to build miles, strength, and to stay healthy.

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