Friday, January 6, 2017

Featured Post: @ZingBars Review

The generous people behind Zing Bars recently sent me a half dozen for me to review.  I personally ate a few and I gave a couple to runners I know to get their opinions as well.  Right away when I received the bars, I was impressed by what I read on the package.  The company was created, and is owned/operated by registered dietician nutritionists.  The package also goes on to say that the bars are a balance of high quality whey protein, slow-burn carbs, healthy fats, and dietary fiber.  One look at the nutritional information quickly affirms this.  

Six different flavors were sent to me.  I personally tried four of them.  I tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Lemon Cashew Crunch, and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.  I passed along the Dark Chocolate Mocha as well as the Dark Chocolate Mint.  I did want to try the mint, but my friend squeezed it from me.  Oh well, I guess I have a good reason to buy them!

I really enjoyed all four of the bars I tried.  The overall theme I got from the bars was that they really
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar Info
taste natural.  A lot of the time, when you have a bar with a decent amount of protein, in this case 9-15 grams, the taste suffers.  Usually, it is a direct result of the sugar level going down.  The best way to describe this lack of taste is that they seem manufactured.  While you may say, duh, to this statement, I don't want my food to taste that way.  These Zing Bars do not taste that way to me.  I find that they taste like if I had gotten them as a bar made by someone or if I had done them myself.  

My favorite
Of the four bars I tried myself, I clearly enjoyed the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter the most.  It is a bar flavor that is done by a lot of companies, but not this well.  I can honestly say, it's my favorite tasting bar, period.  I have a fondness for peanut butter, so I am biased.  My least favorite of the four, although I still enjoyed it, was the Lemon Cashew Crunch.  I enjoyed the texture, but it was a little more lemon and a little less cashew than I hoped for.  I did like it, but probably would choose a few other kinds to buy myself.

The two bars I gave away got some great reviews as well.  Both the Dark Chocolate Mocha and the Dark Chocolate Mint were enjoyed and my one friend that tried the mint bar said nearly the same things I am saying.  His summation was, "Mint is a flavor that is often very chemical tasting when used in protein shakes, bars, or powders.  This bar wasn't like that.  It really tasted like mint."

Soft Cookie Type
There are 12 different flavors of bars to choose from and three different categories.  Chocolate covered, Soft Cookie, and Nut Butter & Fruit are the three categories.  Each group has several choices.  Of the bars I didn't try yet, I am intrigued by the Almond Blueberry.  I love both of those ingredients, so a purchase is coming up.  

In general, the bars are great.  I highly recommend them.  They aren't terribly expensive, but they are better for you and taste good.  I like having a good bar after working out or running.  The last thing I want to grab to eat is a bar that is good for me but tastes horrible.  It isn't worth it.  These Zing Bars combine flavor and strong ingredients.

I was not compensated for my review.  I was sent 6 bars to try and to provide my honest feedback.

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