Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fair Lawn, 1st Day 5K Race Results, Never End the Fight

Below is a race report from Justin at Team Never End the Fight.  This was to be my second race with the team, as well as my second time running 1stDay5K in Fair Lawn.  Alas, I was lucky enough for Santa to bring me the stomach bug a couple days after Christmas.  Consequently, I was in no shape to run.  The weather was beautiful though and the team had a great event.  Here's the write up.

Waking up this morning certainly didn't feel too tough after having a mellow New Years Eve with my parents, good friend Kyle and my cousins and aunt and uncle.  I was feeling ready and all I wanted to do was beat my time from last year, 21:51, little did I know I would do much better than that!

First, my Mom, Dad, my cousins William, Owen and Gabrielle, and my aunt Paula arrived at 10:00 to check in.  We ran into one of our good friends, Paul Semendinger, who was planning on running by himself but had his Team Never End The Fight shirt on so we had him join us!  After getting our bib numbers, we started walking back to the cars to drop our bags off, but the weather had jumped quickly to 45 degrees with a slight breeze perfect weather for a race, s​​o we quickly took off our sweats.  I went for a warm up jog by myself, focusing on my own running trying to remember the course as much as possible.

We got to the start and I was feeling ready and there was a good turnout of runners for the time of year.  There were 472 finishers.  Once the race went off, I felt great!  However, my dopey cousin Owen, who usually is a nine minute miler, was running right along side of me for roughly a third of the mile, he did run his fastest mile on that split but I'm sure he was feeling that first mile around the two mile mark.  I ran my first mile at 6:35, I wasn't too disappointed at myself, I was searching for 6:40 but I trusted my training and continued to push and move up.  I finished with a time of 20:13, my best time ever since I created Never End The Fight!

That was definitely one of my highlights of my day, but the biggest highlight was having eight other friends and family members to run and support Never End The Fight and NAMI!  This race tied the highest number of runners we have ever had (1stDay 5K 2016).  I was also super proud that many team members either set personal records or course personal records on the day!

Team Results:

Justin: 20:13, 30th overall, 5th/12 age group 
Paul: 22:57, 72nd overall, 11th/33 age group
William: 23:10, 77th overall, 5th/9 age group (course personal record)
Steve: 29:09, 240th overall, 23rd/33 age group
Owen: 31:24, 284th overall, 12th/22 age group
Gabrielle: 33:03, 310th overall, 8th/12 age group (PERSONAL RECORD)
Paula: 33:03, 311th overall, 20th/43 age group (FIRST RACE)
Jim & Nash: 33:31, 318th overall, 24th/32 age group, Nash second dog!
Jere: 40:38, 417th overall, 26th/28 age group (PERSONAL RECORD)



Itz Linz said...

sorry to hear you got the bug! so fun to run with family!

Never End The Fight said...

We will have to do another race together soon! Looking to come home a few times this semester!