Saturday, January 28, 2017

01/27/2017 Feature: @OpticNerve_ Sunglass review & giveaway

Mashup, Driftwood
I have gotten a good number of runs in with my new Optic Nerve Desoto sunglasses.  I have been wearing Optic Nerve for a few years and they never let me down.  The prices are great, much better than the $250-$400 I see often for sunglasses recommended for runners and active people.  Also, the company has great customer service and have helped me out in the past with questions and when I have inquired about sizing, or shape compared to my on style needs.
Post 5 miler in my Desoto's

The Desoto sunglasses sent to me by the company are my 4th pair and easily my favorite.  I have loved the three before them, and still wear 2 of the pairs, but the Desoto is my go to when running.  They are shaped well for my face, are the lighted I have gotten, and stay snug to my nose when I run.  I believe the biggest reason for the snug fit on the face, besides picking the right pair, has to do with the Tactile rubber components used for grip on the nose piece and the temple spots on their performance selections.  The rubber is in the right spots and clearly grips well.

I love the fact that every single pair of Optic Nerve sunglasses is made with 100% UV protection.  It's

the most important feature available and, surprisingly, a lot of sunglasses neglect to tell you that they lack that protection.  Your eyes deserve it.  

Some of the other important technology involved in these glasses include the option of Polarized lenses, Photochromatic lenses, and my favorite, Interchangeable lenses.  The ability to change lenses in my Desoto's make it possible to change to a clearer lens on some days and a more dark lens on others.  Also, it is easy to do.
Reactor PM, black

Optic Nerve has a full, extensive line of not only performance sunglasses for all shapes and sizes, but also a large number of leisure, fashion based pairs as well.  

As I mentioned earlier, the company is great with it's customers.  When I contacted them about their product line, they were happy to provide me with a couple of pairs to giveaway to one lucky male and one lucky female in the U.S.  For the men, I have a pair of Reactor PM's, performance sunglasses with description here, in black.  For the women, I have a nice pair of Mashups, description found here, in Driftwood color.

Please enter the RaffleCopter below for a chance to win.  I was given no compensation for this review.  I was sent the pairs of sunglasses for review and giveaway.  Contest ends 2/8

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The Fit Fork said...

These look like great sunglasses - thanks for the giveaway!

Laura Giumarra said...

Thanks for the giveaway. always looking for comfortable sunglasses to wear running. LG

Scott Jones said...

BD wouldn't steer us wrong! Gotta support a CO company!

Jacqueline Peticca said...

The glasses look awesome....thanks for the giveaway!