Wednesday, January 25, 2017

01/25/2017 Motivation and following through on a long run

The power of motivation is unmistakeable.  When I am motivated, I get things done.  Even having to switch up a run with another run the next day is simple when I am motivated.  I decided yesterday, because of weather, to switch yesterday and today.  I am really focused right now so it got done, and done well.  I ran 6 miles yesterday strong and today, I just finished up a great effort in a 9 miler.  Here are the stats from todays run:

1:09:34 total time
Avg pace 7:44/mile
Fastest mile 7:00
Avg Cadence 183/min

I could feel the strength in my stride today, even coming off 6 miles yesterday.  Tomorrow, I will do a recovery run of 5 miles and cross train for my second time this week.  Time to go eat.

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