Monday, January 23, 2017

01/23/2017 Monday HIIT workout

Today, I am a little crunched for time, but I have a couple smaller blocks of time available.  I was able to sneak a 30 minute HIIT workout in and I am on target for my projected week of 4 runs and two cross training workouts.  In a 30 minute period, here is what I went through"

5 minutes of jump rope

3X the following:

Air squats
30 Russian twists, w/ 12 lb. med ball
Max Pull ups
30 inch Box jumps, 10
1 min. Plank (front, then left, then right)
Push ups, 15

9 minutes of jump rope to finish

The only rest was a couple seconds to get to the next exercise and about 20-30 seconds betweens the sets.

I am going to try and get in a run later of 30-45 minutes as well.

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