Friday, January 20, 2017

01/20/2017 Friday Fun, A fast, Fartlek 5 mile run

It has been a busy week, and knowing I am a little low on fitness this week, I wanted to make today hurt.  Sometimes, I feel a little sadistic work makes up for too many days off.  

Today, I ran a 5 mile fartlek run.  It worked out the following way.  I ran a warm up mile in about 8:21.  I then Fartlek ran the next 3.25 miles.  This means that I ran my regualr pace primarily and threw in some 200 meter surges every once in awhile.  I decided that for the final 1200 meters or so, I would go all out and try to finish with a fast final mile.  It hurt, but I was happy when I heard the 5 mile ding and I saw that my final mile split was about 6:45.  That is a full 5 mile run in 37:11, and my fastest mile split in quite some time.  Having it be mile five was also a nice feeling.  

That gives me only 19 miles for the week, but I am happy to get some quality in this week, not just quantity.  Next week, more miles and at least 2 different HIIT workouts.

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