Thursday, January 19, 2017

01/19/2017 Today's run and continuing to drop lbs.

Well, I got to about 9 lbs. of weight loss since January 3rd and have leveled off a bit.  I am still eating healthy and will stay the course.  I haven't had any processed sugar, that I know of, but I have upped my hot tea consumption tremendously!  I also have not had a single piece of food after dinner since the 3rd of January, which is huge.  My projected goal, of between 140-145 lbs., is still a ways away.  I will get there though.

Today, I was coming off a forced day off yesterday because I just got too busy.  Because of this, I was itching to get a decent run in.  I did a strong, hilly run of 6 miles today in about 48 minutes and change.  My average mile pace was about 8:02.  During the run, it isn't as evident real time that I am getting more fit, but looking back on a run, seeing mile splits of 8:02, shows that my weight loss and exercise buildup, is getting me fit.  

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