Tuesday, January 17, 2017

01/17/2017 Wet workout and a new watch face, decisions made...

Today is a wet one.  I was forced to do my 8 miler is some strong rain, but having finished it, I feel satisfied.  I ran a strong pace of just over 8:00/mile and felt strong the entire way.  I focused on maintaining strength and consistency, even driving up the frequent hills.  I can feel the fit coming back to my body and I love it.

I have made a couple major running decisions this past week.  Here goes:

1.  First and most timely, I am back in it for the Franklin Lakes Triathlon Relay with my teammates.  After a strong 2nd the first year, a disappointing 4th last year (my fault), we will look to rebound and get back on the podium.  My basic plans for now until June 17th, run a lot of miles until April, then add punishing speed work for April and May.  Also, from now until June 17th, eat healthy.

2.  I am saying bye bye to the NYC marathon lottery, for now.  The lottery opens up in a couple days, and although it's like no other race, I cannot personally justify doing it again with race fees going up to an even more embarrassing level of nearly $300.  My plan is to find some other, local races that are cheaper.  Plus, I can still enjoy the marathon expo for free and get that experience as a runner/blogger.

I am finalizing my 2017 goal post so look for that soon!

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