Friday, January 13, 2017

01/13/2017 Today's HIIT

I contemplated a run today, for a 5th day in a row, knowing I have tomorrow and Sunday off.  However, I am trying to get fit, lose weight, and become a runner again.  Consequently, I thought it was in my best interest to get in some body weight exercise stuff to tune the whole body in.  Another workout is another workout, and I want to transform my whole body.  2017 is all about being in it to win it.  I know cross training is a part of that.

I warmed up with 5 minutes of jump rope.  I then proceeded to do 3 rounds of the following exercises, with virtually no rest between them, and only 30 seconds between rounds.

15 Push ups
10 Box jumps, 30 inches high
Farmers' walk
20 Crunches
10 Med ball slams, 12 lb.
20 Lunges
20 Russian twists
10 Squats

After the series, I then jumped rope for an additional 5 minutes.  My total workout ended up being 35 minutes.  It has been a successful week of working out, as well as eating right.  Next week, more miles, more working out, and maybe a little speed stuff, like 400 meter repeats.