Thursday, January 12, 2017

01/12/2017 Negative split 5 miler

My splits for the 5 miles I ran today, taking into account that there are hills at various points of the run:

Mile 1-- 9:00
Mile 2-- 8:41
Mile 3-- 8:38
Mile 4-- 7:55
Mile 5-- 7:54

It is beneficial to run like this and my theme for a lot of my running this year will focus on this negative split, fast finish, progression run, whatever you want to call it.  Getting your legs to move when they are tired is an integral part of racing well.  Not only is it important physically for your muscles to be able to fire in this tired state, but mentally being able to reach down and hurt and still finish strong is possibly even more important.

I am 4 runs in this week and 20.5 miles in for the week.  Tomorrow, I will either run another 5 miler, easy, or I will cross train.  My body will decide that over the next 24 hours depending on how I feel.

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