Wednesday, January 11, 2017

01/11/2017 Modified run, Fast Finish 5 Miler

I ended up a little short on time today so I had to modify from the plan.  I had hoped to get in a run of around 7-8 miles, but my schedule wouldn't allow it.  In the past, when the motivation has been lower or lacking, I may have skipped the run altogether.  I'm not proud of that, but I'm being honest.

I am in a good place mentally and physically right now, progressing to what I want to be a strong 2017.  Because of this committed feeling, I simply changed my run to suit the day and headed out.  I decided on a 5 miler with a fast finish.  If you read any of my workouts, you know I like to do negative splits and fast finishes, progression runs so I can build for strong race finishes.  I ran my 5th mile in 7:35 today, and ended at about 41 minutes overall for the run.  A 5 mile pace of around 8:13ish.

Tomorrow, I was planning on doing some cross training and getting a break from running.  However, I think it's supposed to be like 60 degrees tomorrow, so I am not missing that.  Today it was 45 when I ran, it felt balmy compared to the last 2 days.

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