Thursday, January 5, 2017

01/05/2017 Today's HIIT workout

After running the past two days, I decided to do some cross training today and workout the whole body.  I did a tight little 25 minute HIIT workout that has all of my body twitching nicely.  As I have detailed before, there is virtually no resting during a HIIT workout.  You move from one body area to the next, effectively resting one section while another gets blasted.  Besides the time saved, the major gain is that your heart rate stays up because you are constantly working and maintaining a workout threshold throughout the entire time.  Instead of working a muscle group and then letting your heart rate drop while you rest waiting for your next set of reps, you simply move on and your heart rate stays up.  

Here is the group of exercises I did.  I did three sets of the rotation and again, no real significant rest between exercises and only 15-20 seconds between sets to get a drink.

Push ups--15
Box jumps--15
Farmer's walk--2 min.
Warrior ropes--50
12 lb. med ball slam--10
Lunge & twists w/med ball--20
Russian twists w/med ball--20
Air squats--20

I never do the same workout twice in a row, but I am going to save this one and repeat it in a month or two and see where I am at.  I have not done consistent strength work in a long time; I'm going to try to start.

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