Friday, December 2, 2016

A practical gift guide for the runner in your life!

You know a runner? Are married to one?  Have a brother runner? Know a couple old mother runners?  If you do, check out the following gifts for that person, or yourself.  When I think about what to include on my gift list each year, I keep it simple.  I promote the stuff I use/love because I think others will feel the same.  I won't say that everything is cheap, but I won't be promoting a $300 jacket or sunglasses that cost $250.  I think there is a place where affordability meets quality and that's where I like to be.  I also like to promote brands or companies I believe are good for the sport, or products simply good for the runner's soul.

If you have anything to comment on or want to add on, leave it in the comments.  Here goes.  Find something on the list and go check it out.

1.  RoadID--It will always be number one on the list, every year.  I think it is is the single most important piece of equipment every runner/cyclist should own and wear 24/7.  It is cheap, easy, and may save your runner's life.  Go here for a chance to win a gift card to RoadID.

2.  Optic Nerve Sunglasses--Also will be a list entrant every year.  Great sunglasses that work well for leisure or for sport.  Two things I don't like about sunglasses, high $ and when they bounce or move during activity.  Optic Nerve sells pairs that range from $30-115ish.  I wear them during running, softball, and everything I do with my kids during sports.  They stay on, period.

3.  Top 3 books for runners--

Running with the Buffaloes- non-fictional season with the Colorado Buffaloes Cross Country team.  It is an amazing book, following the team, coaches, relationships, tragedy, triumph, and more.  My favorite running book of all time.
Once a Runner- fictional tale of running, it's a cult classic among runners.  The sequel, Again to Carthage is good too, although not a top 3.

A Race like No Other- Non-fictional book about the 2007 NYC marathon, the book tells the story of several professional and non professional runners, each on a quest towards something great.

4.  Augusta Active Circuit Pants--God I love these pants.  Augusta Active is great all around.  I have tees, pants, jackets, water bottles from them and love everything.  Why specifically the pants then?  They are comfy, fit well, and with this week's code, Cyber40, are only like $16.50!  Most brands charge like $50 for comfortable sweats with pockets and open bottoms.  These are awesome!  Plus, I can't handle the new skinny leg sweats rage.  It's weird.

5.  Aftershokz--These headphones are a game changer.  They go in front of the ear so no need to
worry about fit, and you care hear your surroundings as well!  Safer listening and running!  Plus, at $30-$120, they won't kill your wallet.  There are wired and wireless options.

6.  Gift card to one of the following stores.  We runners are picky about sneakers, clothing, just about everything related to, well, running.  No runner every got mad about a getting a running gift card!

Running Warehouse
Road Runner Sports
Zombie Runner
Gone for a Run

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/30/2016 Wednesday's Workout, a little HIIT time

Well, since the marathon, I have been the poster boy for post marathon lack of motivation.  It happens to even the best, a total lack of motivation.  I did however, have a major motivation factor for eating in these recent weeks.  Yikes!  I'm fat.  That being said, I am feeling the motivation coming back, not only to run, but to be fit again.  Consequently, I decided to reverse my normal course of action today and workout rather than go for a run.

I do feel good after running, like I accomplished something.  However, knowing that I do not love to cross train, when I get that in, I really feel good about it.  It's like I have overcome a major obstacle.  So, for 23 minutes today, I was the man!  Ha, kidding.  I need to keep at it.  I am a little weak these days.  

Today's workout, as I like to keep it with cross training was really simple, but challenging.  I warmed up with 5 minutes of jump rope, then did 2 times through the following circuit.  I finished up with a 10 minute walk at the end.  Total time was 33 minutes.  Short and sweet.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just in time for the holidays, win a free $35 gift certificate from @RoadID @DeanKarnazes

Every year, I write up a gift guide for the runner in your life, or cyclist, whatever.  At the top of the list, is a product that every single active individual should wear.  The RoadID could be the most cost effective life saving device you could own.  It is an ID bracelet, shoe strap, neckwear, pet, anklet, or watch accessory that provides your personal information in the event that you cannot give it to someone yourself.  The RoadID pictured is the Slim model, the one I wear.  There are several variations in size, color, and also shoe versions.  RoadID now has the identification badge available that connects to the watch band of some of the more popular active watches/activity monitors.  These include, AppleWatch, VivoFit2, VivoSmart, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Blaze, and more.
RoadID Slim

In addition, RoadID sells accessories for your ID as well as visibility gear for safely enjoying your favorite activity with some piece of mind.  Check out some of the accessories here!  

Purchasing your RoadID is simple.  Go to the website, pick out the model you want, and fill out the corresponding information for the ID, complete your transaction and in a few days, you have your product.  The folks at RoadId were generous enough when I contacted them to provide me with a $35 gift card to the website for one lucky, US reader.  Please enter the Rafflecopter (starting midnight 11/30) below and check out the website for more information or to purchase your RoadID today!  Once a winner is chosen, I will email him/her the gift code I was given by the company.

I was provided nothing for this review, except for the gift certificate to giveaway.
a Rafflecopter giveaway