Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bananas and potassium right? Here are 6 common foods that beat the banana at it's own game

So, coming off marathon week and the necessary build up of potassium in the body, I was reminded of an article I had read about the banana and how it is synonymous with potassium, even though it can be easily beaten in by quite a bit of foods.  Consequently, I did some research and came up with some of the most common, tasty alternatives to the banana.  You have to remember, not everyone is into bananas and their consistency.  A banana provides about 9% of the recommended daily amount of potassium.  For most, it's a love/hate thing.  Here are some choices that trump the yellow guy:

1.  Sweet Potato-  There are a lot of people that dig these babies.  A medium with skin, about 10% RDA.

2.  Tomato Sauce-  This obviously can vary, but the red stuff can give you around 16-18% of the RDA.

3.  Watermelon-  My favorite of this list.  It is about 14% of the RDA for a couple slices of watermelon.  A bonus is all the lycopene in it too!

4.  Black Beans-  This bean is a superfood if there ever was one.  The list of positives is long, especially the 16% RDA of potassium in a cup.

5.  Frozen Spinach- Not only cheap on the wallet and easy to deal with, frozen spinach packs about 11% in a cup.  Toss it in a shake or even your pasta sauce!

6.  Edamame-  The soybean is a plant-based protein wonder.  Add to that its 14% value of potassium and it just got better.

There are a number of other foods you could go for as well.  I just picked these as they represent a variety and are common in every store.  I'm not big on having to go to a tiny specialty shop just to get healthy food.  Feel free to comment on a healthy addition to this list!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Featured Post: Product Review & Giveaway! @AugustaActive Avail rain jacket

Recently, I was provided with an Avail pullover rain jacket from the good people at Augusta Active.  The details of the jacket can be found here.  After joining them as an ambassador and reviewing a few products, I was sent this to try out.  

I was able to wear the jacket a few times in the rain, for running and casual wear.  Here are some of the things I noticed.

First, it is clearly well made, stitched, put together, etc.  Although it doesn't come with the price tag of the big name brands that I will not mention, it does come with as much, if not more craftsmanship.  The zipper, cords, hood, stretch elastic are all well done and comfortably in place.
Check the zipper placement

Second, a BIG deal for me, was the zipper placement.  I LOVE that the zipper tops out at the neckline, with the hood behind, unobstructed by the zipper being closed.  I cannot stand when jackets have the zipper completely closed in a higher position like in the mid neck or chin level.  I find it constricting and uncomfortably lost in Neverland.  Also, when the zipper is that high, it can cause the hood to be bothersome when putting it up or down.  The Augusta brand does a nice job placing the zipper at the top of the neck and it is less restrictive, while also allowing the hood a full range of motion to go up or down.  

Finally, the performance of the jacket in rain conditions was spot on.  It was 100% able to resist water on a run and when used in casual conditions.  When I took it off when I was done being in the rain, I shook it off and all the water was off.  I found the medium size true to fit and it was a comfortable jacket to wear.  In hind sight, I may have ordered a small to wear on a run so that it was a little more fitted, but I do like the medium's feel.  I found the jacket enjoyable to wear on a run and it looks nice enough to wear casually as well.  Sometimes, running apparel can be limiting because of style, color, or fit to the primary purpose.  I like the dual ability of the Avail to kind of go anywhere.

The company was nice enough to extend me the ability to offer one lucky reader a free Avail jacket as a giveaway on my blog.  Please fill out the RaffleCopter below.  I was given the product for my review and received no compensation what so ever.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Featured Product Review & Giveaway: GoGo Squeez Yogurtz @GoGosqueeZ

Recently, I was provided with a few sample of the squeezable yogurts by GoGo Squeez for my kids and I to try out.  We were given the banana and the berry flavors to sample.  Here is a link to the  berry variety and a link to the banana variety and the specifics of the products we tried.  The company also has products like applesauce and fruit and veggie packs, as well as mixed packed available.  

My kids are ages, 12 10, and 7.  I gave them the berry yogurt squeeze for lunch one day and the banana on another day and told them I was asked that they try them and tell me what they thought, good or bad.  Here is some of the information I got when they came home from school that day.

"I like it because you can squeeze it and it's not too much!"  
Connor, 7

"I thought it was better than regular yogurt and I didn't need a spoon."  
Megan, 10

"It was better than then the other brand yogurts you always give us, it tasted more like fruit." Emma, 12

We also, talked about the product in detail, but I thought those were telling comments.  My son's big complaint with yogurts is that he doesn't want as much as a whole one, often 6 ounces, can be.  The 3 ounce pack is perfect for him.  Megan is a fan and the spoon thing was a selling point.  She also liked that the pack is slim and doesn't take up the space of a big yogurt cup.  Finally, Emma is not generally a fan of yogurt because of the chemical taste she often mentions.  We have tried a bunch of them, from kid's yogurts, to organics, to fruit on the bottom, etc.  She does like the creamy taste of the GoGo Berry.

As far as the banana flavor, this was my favorite.  I liked the taste and it was exactly like banana creaminess.  If that makes sense.  All three of my kids preferred the berry, but I would have bet a million dollar on that as none of them generally go for bananas.  Interestingly, my oldest, Emma, said she would have the banana flavor on occasion if we got it.  She said it was good.  I found this interesting because, of the three, she likes bananas the least.  The consistency does not agree with her.  She does like the flavor of the yogurt in the squeeze though.

Personally, I like the products and would buy them for the kids.  The novelty of the pack, and the slim container when packing a kid's lunch is great.  Also, nutritionally, with only natural ingredients, this is a smart choice for your family as well.  These packs are available in all major stores and the prices vary, but are competitive with all yogurt brands, and even better on sale!

I was provided the products to try and submit a corresponding review.  I was given no compensation in any form for my opinions.  The company has been nice enough to offer a couple boxes as a free giveaway to one lucky reader!  

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