Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Featured Post: Apparel Review for Augusta Sportswear

Augusta Sportswear sent me a few products of theirs a couple months ago to try out and let them know what I thought.  The company provided me with two tech tees, a pair of wicking fleece sweatpants, and a rain jacket.  Over the last couple months, I have worn all of the items several times and washed them a number of times as well.  I will review each piece individually, except the tech tees as they are essentially the same product, just different colors.

First off, the sweatpants.  The graphite color sweats I received upon first look, seemed well made.  On the site, $26.99 seems like a great price for the pants.  The feel, as well as the true to size fit, make these pants a winner.  I wore them pre race on a cool morning and they kept my lower half warm through my warmups, until I went to shorts for the race.  I also like them post race or workout as a soft, relaxing fit to recover in.  The fit was right on and I didn't feel like they were too tight or too baggy, which I cannot stand.

Second, the rain jacket I received has strangely gone unused for the most part.  As it has been drier here in NJ for months, I have only worn it on a run once in the rain and one other, non running time.  I like the jacket for the most part.  It did the job and I would definitely recommend it.  The water resistant quality works well, I would always prefer a hood for a rain jacket though.  I don't necessarily wear the hood on a run, but I want that option.  That being said, for the price of about $36, you cannot beat the value.  There are a lot of running jackets out there that charge over $100 for the same thing.  This is a great alternative, without sacrificing anything.

Finally, the technical shirts.  These I wore the most.  As a runner and a Physical Education teacher, I wore them in both roles and unequivocally, I love the shirts.  They are comfortable, sized well, and affordable.  As tech materials has been out for awhile, it is now more evident when you pick up a quality garment as compared to a lower quality one.  I have worn, washed, bagged, traveled with, used, etc. these shirts and three things stick out.  First, the size is the same today as before the first time I wore them.  Second, the color is the same as well.  There has been no fade, now yellowing of the white shirt, nothing noticeably different at all.  Finally, there have been no fabric pulls at all as well.  This drives me insane about some of the tech tees out on the market, most notably cheap race shirts.  The density of the fabric protects it from pulls, and keeps the feel of the shirt at a premium level.  Also, the price points of the shirt between $8-$20 each, depending on style and color, is easily competitive, and in most cases better than big brand competitors.

Across all pieces of Augusta Active wear, it is obvious that quality workmanship has been used.  The clothing is premium look and design, with great prices.  I feel great about recommending the products for your fitness needs, as well as your Physical Education and sport needs too!  Augusta has a wide range of clothing for coaches as well as athletes.  They also have a great line of accessories and provide a wide range of styles and varieties.  You can visit them online at Augusta Active and at the following links:

I was provided products for review and have posted this review.  I was not compensated for my review in any way.  My views and those expressed in this blog post are my own and reflect my direct review of the products mentioned.

10/05/2016 6 miler today, interesting posts on the way

It's a perfect fall day.  Sunny and temps around 65 degrees, couldn't be better for a run.  Although I know I am under the gun time wise, I like where I'm at for my training.  Physically, I feel good.  I have no aches, pains, illnesses, or anything bothering me.  This is typically the time when people start to feel fatigue from marathon training and their rest days are crucial.  There is something to be said for being undertrained :)  

Do not get me wrong, preparation is key, I'm just trying to look at the bright side.  I am thankful for having a couple weeks to get in a couple significant runs still, and I plan to take full advantage.  

Today, I ran a 6 miler, starting off slow and building to a 7:30/mile pace for my final mile.  Finishing strong, as I often talk about, does wonders for the mental side of your training, as well as the physical side.

In the coming posts here on The Daily Fitness Journal, I look forward to publishing some guest posts, a couple product reviews, and some race reports.  I also will be providing some additional inforation on the brands I will be working with this coming year.  It's a good time to be running, sharing, and progressing!  Good luck on your run today, tomorrow, whenever!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10/04/2016 Step back and build

As any seasoned long distance runner would tell you, throughout a training cycle, you must step back occasionally.  It is a natural scheduling tool to build your long run up over progressive weeks and to step down every 4-5 weeks.  This is done to allow the body to adjust and to recover while still benefitting from distance.  I ran 10 miles two weeks ago, 13 miles last weeks, and today, I stepped down to 9 miles.  Looking ahead, I have two long runs left before my taper and I will ramp back up to 15 miles next week and finish my long runs with 18-20 miles in two weeks.  

I had planned on doing 15 today, but some scheduling issues arose.  Consequently, I simply switched today and next week.  I was going to pull it back next week, but this will work out just the same.  The key remains building miles, avoiding injuries, and increasing the time on my feet.  All three of those are currently going well.