Friday, September 23, 2016

09/23/2016 Miles for the week and mental focus

When I run, like most people, various things go through my head. Sometimes, I am focused on the run/workout. Some of the time I am planning work stuff. There are also some times when I am focused on a topic that is eating away at my brain. Something may be bothering me, and spending a run thinking about it can give me clarity. It may sound like it would be a less than fun way to spend a run, but I find that by thinking it out, I can usually come to a resolution, or an answer, or something I can make work. 

Also, to be honest, the run is often over before I know it when this happens. Today went well, and I didn't know it until I had finished. I ran 5 miles in about 40 minutes without a terrible amount of effort. This gives me a total of 26 miles for the week and having 5 miles at about 8:00/mile pace today is encouraging. I was also able to work through a plan of attack for an issue I need resolved.  Win win!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

09/22/2016 Running and speed stuff

God, I hope this weather sticks around for awhile.  It is just beautiful every day.  Eventually we are in trouble.  However, today is not that day.  I had a nice 5 + miler today.  The third day in a row and no pain or soreness, or even tired legs.  I feel pretty good.  I have 21+ miles in for the week and I look forward to another 5-6 tomorrow.  

As a way of finishing up the workout strong and teaching my legs to move even at the end of a run, I ran 10 sprints at the end of the workout.  After my 5+ miles, I walked about 100 meters.  I then proceeded to sprint 60-70 meters and walk back to the beginning.  When I got back to the start, I immediately started off on the next one.  I did this 10 times.  I started at about 75% and by the end, I was up to about 90% effort.

Running hard on tired legs can help with your focus, form, and getting those legs moving for the end of races/workouts when you are sapped.  Each time I went, I focused on my arm swing, my forward lean, my loose muscles, and my control.  An added bonus it's something different than just going out and running a few miles!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

09/21/2016 Feeling stronger builds motivation

Taken from Run, Selfie, Repeat
As I ran my 6 miler today, I realized that I am starting to feel the fitness again.  It made me realize that at least for me, the reemergence of strong legs and lungs is has a snowballing effect.  As I get more fit, I want to run more, I want to keep after it.  My motivation comes from the feeling that I am achieving more every time I go out.  A couple weeks ago, my first few runs in, were slow slogs of non fitness.

It's important for people to realize that this is not limited to me.  It's also not a novel idea, but it is often overlooked.  Sometimes the end goal of losing weight, getting to a race, or whatever, is too far away.  If you focus on small gains and being self aware, your motivation will actually refuel itself.  

Coming off 10 miles yesterday, my legs were a little tired today, but I was still able to churn out 6 miles at 8:30/mile pace today without a lot of effort.  As I write this, dripping sweat in my eyes, I want more.  I can feel the fire burning even stronger now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

09/20/2016 A long run worthy of the title

I was supposed to get out for 10 miles yesterday, but my stomach was experiencing epic heart burn.  After settling that with some food and tums, I am back to normal.  This getting old stuff is difficult.  Luckily, I had the time this afternoon to get in 10 miles before needing to get kids here, there, and everywhere for soccer, etc.  This is the first long run I have done in months and although I monitored it with a watch, I simply wanted to be comfortable.  

I popped on the headphones, listened to a couple podcasts from season 3 of Becoming Ultra, and before I knew it, I was on mile 9.  Becoming Ultra is a great reality type show where a everyday runner is chosen, trained by a pro, and hopefully completes an ultra distance race at the end.  I went 10 miles in almost exactly 1:30 and I felt good at the end.  I would estimate that, with a little fuel, I could have gone another 3-5 miles before having to stop.  Although I am closing in on the marathon with a low base of training, I feel like I can safely catch up.  

I have a couple more runs this week, before I get to next Monday and I pop off about a 15-16 miler.  Next week will also be the beginning of some cross training as I add some bodyweight exercises 1-2 times a week.