Thursday, September 15, 2016

09/15/2016 Building miles feels good, so does eating well

Today, the temps and humidity are lower.  It's really the perfect day for a run.  My 4th run of the week went great and although I initially thought I was going out for 5 miles, I ended up making it a 6 miler just because.  As the momentum builds, so does my motivation.  I don't wish the time away, but I look forward to being fit and crushing some runs.  The marathon coming up, the expo before, the winter and what I can accomplish in training those cold months, are all things I have been thinking about over the miles underfoot.  As things build, they snowball.

Simultaneously, as the running is taking shape, I am also transforming my nutrition as well.  I have been watching the caloric explosions and it is paying off.  I feel tremendously better every morning, plus I think I have lost like 8 pounds in 2 weeks.  Although that may sound far fetched or impossible, if you saw me eat this summer, you would understand how it is happening.

For those that are interested, sugar is gone from my diet except if it part of fruits, yogurt, or some natural source.  Basically all my carbs, although not many in total, are complex carbs.  Finally, I am not eating at 7:30-8pm at night.

In the next week or so, after building some more running, I plan to add some weight stuff to spur on the weight loss even more.  It's all coming together.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

09/14/2016 Today is a hot one

I don't know the temp today, but it's hot.  I just finished up 6 miles on a lot of hills and I'm roasting.  On my loop, I have a .75 mile long hill that is probably 5% grade or so.  I ran down it twice, and up it twice today as part of my 6 miles.  It hurt climbing that baby for the final time during mile 5, but it's worth it.

It took me 52 minutes for the run, about an 8:40/mile pace.  That brings my total for this week to 18 miles with 2 runs to go.  I feel good, need to press on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

09/13/2016 5 miler less than 2 months out from NYC, thoughts on a GOPro

As the days go by, I tend to think back during my runs of the marathon.  The sights, sounds, logistics, people, etc.  I enjoyed last year from the expo all the way through the post race.  I again look forward to enjoying each piece and taking advantage of all that I can.

Today, it's beautiful and sunny outside.  We are getting closer to fall weather.  I got out for a nice 5 miler today.  I kept the pace around 8:30/mile.  Over the next few weeks, the overall theme will be miles and more miles.  It's too late in the game to worry about speed work, so except for some Fartlek runs and some tempo stuff, I am simply building miles.

On a secondary note, I am intrigued by the idea of running with a GoPro camera.  I am toying with the possibility of trying to borrow one from somebody and practice a little to see if it would be worth using on the big day.  If anyone has done this, feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts, pro/con.

Monday, September 12, 2016

09/12/2016 Mini long run, decent pace

Monday has been my long run day for the last couple years.  Today, I decided to try a little longer run than I did last week to start pushing the envelope.  I only have like 50 some days until the marathon for God sake.  I pushed comfortably for 7 miles today and ended up at an average pace of 8:13/mile.  I totaled out at 57 minutes and change for 7 miles.  The last mile I ran a little harder, 7:50/mile pace and felt good.  By my estimation, I could probably slow down and run about 10 miles right now.  I have some work to do.

Moving forward the next few weeks, my long runs should look like this:

Sept. 19th--10 miles
Sept. 26th--13 miles
Oct.    3rd--15 miles
Oct.  10th--18 miles
Oct.  17th--14 miles
Oct.  24th--21 miles
Oct.  31st--15 miles

If I can hit these long runs and add in some 5-8 milers on the other days I run, I will be ready to go on November 6th.