Friday, June 3, 2016

06/03/2016 Mini Workout

I had plans on getting a full 10-15X400M workout in today.  Sometimes, you must modify because of time constraints.  I ended my workout prematurely after 5 400 repeats, but did like the speed I was producing.  I ran them in the following times.  Take note that I left a full 3:30-4:00 rest in between each as I was after my top speed in each, or close to it.

.75 mile warmup jog
1st- 82 seconds
2nd- 82 seconds
3rd- 80 seconds
4th- 78 seconds
5th- 80 seconds
.5 mile cool down

I hope to replicate the workout in its entirety next week.  But, it was encouraging to hit those speeds.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Garmin Forerunner 230 watch face, @garmin

A quick glimpse shows a customizable watch face that features a countdown feature. I have mine set to my upcoming race. The Garmin allows you to download a variety of watch faces and widgets. Full review to follow.

06/01/2016 National Running Day #runner #athlete #athleteonfire #globalrunningday

Today is global running day.  That's pretty cool.  I was fortunate enough to get outside in great weather a run a strong 6 miles on hills.  It took me 47 minutes and my splits are below.  Tomorrow, I will simply get in a recovery jog of 5-6 miles for some added mileage.  On Friday, I plan to punish myself and do 10-15X400M repeats, fast.  I need to build speed and I do not have a lot of time to do it.

Here is the link to the website for the Global Running Challenge.  You can make a pledge, download a bib, and even connect on Strava for a web related community challenge.

16:00- 0:06 (1%)7'57"/MI
23:55- 0:02 (0%)7'55"/MI
32:00+ 0:10 (-3%)8'05"/MI
39:35- 0:30 (6%)7'35"/MI
47:01- 0:09 (1%)7'26"/MI
Have a great day, get out for a run, and appreciate the fact that you are able to!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

05/31/2016 More training to go and some serious steps

Coming off the race on Memorial Day, I was disappointed.  Consequently, I want to make every day count for the next 18 days.  I had a big day with field day at my school today, quite busy and very active.  First, before my run.  I do not value my step counting very intensely, but I will say that 29,500 steps for today makes me pretty satisfied with my activity level.  I think I had like 10,000 before 11am.

As for my run today, I am focusing on speed and climbing over the majority of my workouts for the next 2 weeks.  Today, I did hill repeats.  I used a hill that is probably about 5% grade, and is about .43 miles long.  After about  mile warmup, I hit the hill, running strong form and strength on the uphill and jogging faster on the way down.  I ran 5 of the hill repeats and corresponding jogs.  At the end of my run, I had gone about 6miles exactly and kept my pace overall at about 8:00/mile.  For 48 minutes, I climbed and descended.  

05/30/2016 Ridgewood Memorial Day Run-Race Report, @njmasters @ridgewoodrun

In the 41st year of the event, I learned a valuable lesson.  You may think you are ready, but
sometimes, a PR isn't in the books.

I had hoped and thought that I was ready to run sub-18:00 and really do something strong in this race.  I have been training hard, and had some expectations.  However, blame it on a long soccer weekend in the African like heat, or eating bad for a couple days, lack of sleep, whatever....all excuses.  At the end of the day, I didn't get it done for whatever reason.

It's not that I am ok with it, but I simply cannot change it.  I have to move on and I have 18 days until the featured race.  Anyway, on with the race report specifics.

The 10K and 5K average a couple thousand runners combined.  I always do the 5K, but am tempted to do the 10K every year.  

I ran the 5K in 19:28 and finished 38th overall out of around 1500 people.  I missed placing in my age group, finishing 4th of the 40-44 year old males.

The race in general was great as always.  The organization, the setup of tables for registration, food, SWAG, all were well done.  I only have 2 issues with the race.  First, the start is packed and I worry about falling.  However, I worry about stepping on and trampling a kid even more.  I think it's time that they at least entertained the idea of 2 waves at the start.  I would think a wave of runners with times under a certain amount, maybe 24 minutes, in one wave.  In the second wave, all those above the 24 minute mark.  

My second issue with the run is the shirts.  Almost every year, the shirt is disappointing.  This year, it was a sleeveless V neck in light blue.  Jesus....One year it was black and people were dropping like flies in the heat wearing it in the run.  Another year, it was this horrible gray tank top, and it was cotton!!  Why is it so hard to do a nice white or blue tech T with some patriotic red/white/blue fonts and maybe a small flag or something?!

Weather-wise, I didn't mind it, but it may have affected me.  It felt heavy at the start.  As you can see in the picture, there was a bit of a sprinkle as we got ready to start.  Besides that, it was about 196% humidity.  

After the 5K, we walked around and got some food and drink and watched the mile races of the Masters and the Elites.  The final event, the one my kids were excited for, was the 1 mile fun run that took off at 12 noon.  We had a great run through the neighborhood as we hit a bunch of sprinklers and water stations, ran with a 6 year old having stomach pains from sprinting, and actually watched a 9-10 year old girl standing and waiting for her 30-40 year old dad that was having some serious hamstring cramping going on.  It was comically awesome!

All in all, we had another successful Fred D'Elia Memorial Day Run.  Next year, I hope to get that time where I want it.  For now, I go back to the training log.