Thursday, May 26, 2016

Join me on Memorial Day and Honor our Fallen Heroes, Wear Blue to Remember @wbr2r

Wear Blue: run to remember
I was on the Runner's World site yesterday and saw a link to an external site offering people a chance to sign up to run in Honor of a Fallen Hero from our Armed Services.  I immediately jumped at the chance and signed.  My father is a Korean War veteran and I have a great deal of respect for not only his service, but all of our veterans.  Memorial Day is an important day honoring those that have paid the ultimate price for us.  Here is the link to the site.  After a 30 second, free sign up, I was given the following information about the serviceman I am lucky enough to run for:

Sergeant Jason G. Amores

Age 29
Died during an IED Attack in the Province of Helmand

His military branch-- 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force

Base Camp--Camp Pendleton, CA
Hometown--Lehigh Acres, Fl

Military Times link:

On Monday, I will run for Sergeant Amores, and all his peers we have lost, with the hope that all of us "civilians," pause, and understand the magnitude of what Jason and his comrades are willing to do for us.

Please, go to the site here, and sign up. Even if you are running just to run, not racing this weekend, it brings more and more community to the movement. There are races, and meet ups, Tee Shirts, and donations, etc. It takes literally 30-45 seconds, you will be given the name of a soldier that paid the price, and you can honor him/her and keep spirit name alive.

I also ask that you forward, share, and get this post to as many people as you can so the word continues to spread more and more.

05/26/2016 Decent 5 miler, back in the heat

This afternoon, I really felt the heat during a run for the first time since last fall.  I love to run in the heat.  I do not mind 90's temps.  However, I do need to adjust to those temps again.  Hydration is a key, and simply getting back out there and experiencing it.  Feeling the heat, sweat, and hot sun all take their toll.  I love it though.  I was sucking a little wind at the end of the 5 miles today, but I was still able to make it in about 38 minutes.  That's around a pace of about 7:36/mile.

Pace of each mile below:

15:07- 0:51 (10%)7'08"/MI
22:18+ 0:03 (-1%)7'11"/MI
30:01+ 0:32 (-8%)7'43"/MI
37:59+ 0:15 (-4%)7'58"/MI

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hill work, 6 miler, I love my Forerunner 230, @garmin @garminfitness

I have the black one.
Today, I really tried to push it on a couple serious climbs during my run.  I had an almost mile long ascent on 6-7% grade in mile 3 and mile 5.  The splits of my run are shown below and the pace shows my growing fitness.  Whereas a couple months ago, these climbs killed me and I was in the high 8:00's and 9:00's on the hill, I now am low 8:00's.  In training, these times are fine.  I will expect to push even harder on a couple key hills during the race, but when someone is behind you, you can always run faster. :)

Today, my second run with my new Garmin, I am loving it more and more.  It connects to GPS lightning quick and I am still learning all the features.  As I said yesterday, a full review is coming, after i am more comfortable with it.  However, early reports are fantastic.

15:49- 0:39 (7%)7'35"/MI
23:55+ 0:31 (-7%)8'06"/MI
32:02+ 0:01 (-1%)8'07"/MI
40:23+ 0:14 (-3%)8'21"/MI
47:54- 0:50 (9%)7'31"/MI
Also, visible above, my fastest mile was my last mile.  Mile 2 was my only true downhill.  The others were rolling to hilly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

800's for speed and fitness

Today, I ran an 800m repeat workout to build some fitness and some speed at the same time.  If you have never done 800M repeats, try it, they are fun.  Yeah right.  Sprinting for 800M and resting and repeating kicks your ass.  I ran 8 of the 800's and took between 2:30-3:30 off in between to walk and recover.  The times on my intervals were the following.


That range is basically from a 6:22/mile pace at my slowest, down to a 6:02/mile pace for my fastest, also the last one I did.  I should mention that I ran these on a .25 mile loop that had some hills to it, no flat track repeats.  I plan to repeat this workout, drop the times even lower, and hopefully get to do between 10-12 of them, on June 7th.  

Yesterday, I took off as I have been sick with some virus that has me feeling like crap and has given me a really nice case of pink eye in my left eye.  I get to wear my glasses all day and while running, yeah!!  This week will be moderate from here, with Saturday and Sunday being soccer tournament days, and the Ridgewood Run on Monday.  I am excited to see where I am at for the 5K.  I should be able to run pretty strong.

Finally, I got my new watch yesterday, and used it on todays' run.  It's the Garmin Forerunner 230.  I will full review it in a week or so, after having run a couple times in it and raced with it Monday.  Early report, in a word, Awesome!