Friday, May 20, 2016

Short on time...How about a simple, painful 35 min speed session?

Sometimes, you just do not have the time for a workout that you wish you had.  I was hoping to have a good amount of time today and to put in 12-15X400M repeats.  I realized mid day that I was going to be short on time.  Not wanting to scrap the session completely, I modified my plan.  This is what I decided on and ran:

I started with a 5 minute, roughly half mile jog.  I then ran 10X400M repeats.  All the repeats were between 80-90 seconds each.  Also, the rest period between was considerably shorter than the last time I did these repeats.  I kept my rest between at a mere 60 seconds.  After 7-8 of the 400's, I was sucking wind pretty good and that 60 second rest, seemed to go so fast.  I finished up with another 5 minute, half mile jog.  

I only had about a 3.5 mile workout total, but I kicked my ass and got some good speed work in.  Tuesday, I plan to run another speed session.  I want to run 800M repeats and really stretch myself out to get my speed up.  

I have a month left before race day, starting tomorrow.  I have the fitness to go long, but I need to add the speed to my runs and lower my pacing.

05/19/2016 Progressive 6 mile run

15:52- 0:05 (1%)7'53"/MI
23:42- 0:03 (0%)7'50"/MI
31:24- 0:08 (1%)7'42"/MI
38:53- 0:13 (2%)7'28"/MI
45:46- 0:34 (7%)6'53"/MI

The splits above represent a 6 mile run I did yesterday, Thursday, after a day off being under the weather.  I felt strong as I went and wanted to push a little.  I didn't want to overdo it though, since today, I am running 400M repeats for some speed work.  I didn't intentionally make each mile faster, but rater, I was trying to build as my run went along.  

Pushing a little more as a run develops is great way to build endurance and also some mental strength and focus.  Concentrating during training can prove difficult as you sometimes get caught up slogging the miles away.  Focusing on your pace to the extent of keeping it strong can keep you in the game even on a day when you are simply getting miles in.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Aside from running, fitness is important, and tomorrow is a new day

As a PE teacher, besides the importance of running to my life, overall fitness is a constant and a key.  Today, I am a little under the weather.  I'm not sure what it's about or what I have or how long I will have it, but running was not happening today.  However, it is beautiful outside and I wanted to get some sun and not sit and dwell on how I feel.  I was able to get out and walk 3 miles this afternoon.  Although, I do't feel great and I don't physically feel better from the walk, mentally I feel satisfied.

I think it's important to satisfy yourself when you can and when things don't go exactly the way you want.  I had planned to run 6 miles today and continue my week building miles.  I knew this morning that it wasn't happening.  I didn't want to drop everything though, so I got outside and walked.  

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully a running day, or maybe another walking day.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

05/17/2016 Today's long run

The splits from today's long run are below.  I am starting to see some real fitness building as my slowest mile, even though it was on nearly 7% grade, was 8-8:20/mile pace.  Also, a considerable hill later, in mile 9, was still only 8:17/mile.  Besides what the GPS is telling me, I simply felt stronger today.  Overall, I ran 12 miles in 1:32:47, a pace of 7:43/mile.  I would prefer that first mile or tow be a little slower, building speed through the run, but I just felt good.  Over the next couple weeks, I need to add significant speed work.  This will start Friday with 800M repeats, and continue next Tuesday with 400M repeats.

14:14+ 0:11 (-3%)7'12"/MI
21:57+ 0:30 (-7%)7'43"/MI
29:46+ 0:06 (-2%)7'49"/MI
37:15- 0:21 (4%)7'28"/MI
45:15+ 0:32 (-8%)8'00"/MI
53:36+ 0:19 (-5%)8'20"/MI
1:01:32- 0:23 (4%)7'56"/MI
1:09:50+ 0:20 (-5%)8'17"/MI
101:17:49- 0:17 (3%)7'59"/MI
111:25:08- 0:40 (8%)7'18"/MI
121:32:39+ 0:12 (-3%)7'31"/MI

Monday, May 16, 2016

A new week begins well rested, @therunningcorps @runcompetitor

It's a great feeling, running after a couple days off.  By the time Friday's workout ended, I was 34 miles into the week and really tired.  Today, after taking the weekend off, I felt great from the first step.  Even though the wind was pounding me the whole 6 miles, I felt strong and ran a fast 6 miles.  I didn't take it easy on the hills either, I ran strong and tried to get myself moving with good strides up each rolling hill.  

Rest is important to the body as it needs time to repair itself.  Sleep, nutrition, active rest, etc., all aid in the body recovering from intense activity for the week.  It is especially important to us Masters athletes ( I F-ing hate that term BTW, I'm faster than most 25 year olds) because of the time to recover.  Take this excerpt from an article by Pete Magill (running Genius) at Competitor Magazine online:

Overtraining in younger athletes generally results from an extended period of running too hard, too long, or a combination of both. In masters runners, a single instance of two hard workouts in a row without adequate recovery can do the same. That’s because aging slows healing in muscles and connective tissue, reduces some hormonal production (including Growth Hormone [GH or HGH], which activates fitness adaptation), and is inevitably accompanied by a loss in nervous system efficiency. Blast your body while it’s still struggling to recover from a previous workout, and we masters don’t bend, we break.

For the duration of the workout, my splits looked like this below.  I am still using my phone for my GPS by the way.  It sucks, I hate running with its gigantitude in my front pocket bouncing around.  It is quite annoyning.  Yes, I know gigantitude is not a word, but I don't care.  I am getting closer to buying a new watch though.  I have narrowed it down to a couple choices.  Right now, the Garmin Forerunner 230 is in the lead!!!