Friday, March 11, 2016

03/11/2016 A new round of speed work

Heading out for my run today, I had planned to run a basic 5-6 miles to get in some work to finish the week.  However, it sounded boring and not the way I wanted to finish the week.  I quickly decided to go for some speed work and waffled between 400 repeats and a pyramid run.  I dropped both ideas and went with something I have never done.

I chose to do alternating sprints of 200 meters and 400 meters.  After each, I jogged the same length as a recovery before starting over.  This is what the workout looked like in it's entirety.  

1 mile warm up

200m sprint-40 seconds, then 200m jog
400m sprint-86 seconds, then 400m jog

200m sprint-39 seconds, then 200m jog
400m sprint-82 seconds, then 400m jog

200m sprint-40 seconds, then 200m jog
400m sprint-82 seconds, then 400m jog

200m sprint-40 seconds, then 200m jog
400m sprint-82 seconds, then 400m jog

1 mile cool down

The whole workout was 5 miles and took me about 45 minutes.  It was good to be running fast again and promising to reach those speeds even though I'm heavier than I hope to race at.  The 400m sprint pace was 5:44/mile for the first, then 5:28/mile for the last 3.  Also, the 200m sprints were faster than those.  

I finished up the week with a respectable 28 miles total.  Next week, I will push the mileage to 30-32, extending the long run and probably Friday's run as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

03/10/2016 Making every run count

Today, as is the theme this week, the weather is great.  High 70's, partly sunny, lots os sweat.  I love it.  As I write this, my eyes are stinging like a MoFo from the sweat dripping in them.

I read a great article today that confirmed what I already knew from reading countless articles like this one.  Basically, if you want to race fast, you have to train fast.  Several keys go into running fast races.  One of these is including short burst hill sprints.  Since it was fresh on my mind, I did just that today.  Every so often, I run on my .33 mile loop for a bunch of laps.  I don't do this to torture myself, it just happens.  However, I do like doing the loop sometimes because on every lap, I hav a 7-10 second short hill I need to power up.  

These short hill bursts are great for leg power and speed.  It doesn't feel bad the first couple, but by 14-15, and being about 5 miles into a run, they get tough.  That's part of the theory of my post title today.  Make every run count.  It is said everywhere in running.  It's not necessarily the quantity of miles, but the quality.  Today, 5 miles doesn't seem like much, but add in 15 short burst hill sprints.  That's a workout to be happy with.  Here are my splits fro the run:

16:33- 0:25 (4%)8'04"/MI
24:30- 0:07 (1%)7'57"/MI
32:37+ 0:10 (-3%)8'07"/MI
40:45+ 0:01 (-1%)8'08"/MI

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

03/09/2016 Speed it up a little

How about mid 70's, sunny and warm?  It is awesome out.  I don't mind it warmer, even up to 90's when I run, so today is great.  Coming off2 slogging runs this week, I wanted to go a little shorter and faster.  Without looking at my watch, I sped up the run and finished in about 39 minutes for a 5 miler.  If you use Cool Running for a pace calculator :) that measures out to about 7:48/mile.  I'm good with that.

This week so far, I am at 18 miles put in and I look forward to 5 miles easy tomorrow and 6 or 7 miles on Friday.  My weekly mileage should be around 28-30 and I want to keep with that or higher for a few solid weeks.

Check out this great, short video, showing the experience of the NYC marathon @dirtyoldsneaker

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

03/08/2016 Sweating the NYC Marathon lottery and sweating, @nycmarathon @nyrr

Well, it's the big day.  Approximately 80,000 people will find out if they were selected to run the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon.  According to the website, over 19,000 people will be selected by the drawing.  Obviously, this puts your chances at about 22%.  I am very nervous, especially since I was selected last year and what are the chances of scoring two years in a row.  It's driving me mad waiting, but it is what it is.

I had to get out for a run and forget about it for a bit right?  Yeah right, I thought about it the whole time.  It is beautiful here today.  Sunny-ish, 65 degrees and perfect for a nice 8 mile run.  I still feel a little sluggish coming off yesterday's painful weigh in.  The run could have been better results wise, but whatever.  I put in 8 miles at about 8:38/mile pace.  

All I can do now, is clean up and play the waiting game with the other 79,999 people.  

NYC Marathon lottery results.........

That's right, it's official,  I will be getting my NY on in November 2016!  By some stroke of sheer luck, I was selected in the lottery again. I had only about a 22-23% chance, but I got in. I cannot wait!
There are a multitude of reasons that I am excited about getting in again. However, the biggest, by far, is that Maura and the kids will be able to see me this time. Last year, it just wasn't the right decision since Maura was like 7 months pregnant and would have had 3 kids in tow. It is the only race she and they didn't go to. Although it was an amazing day I will never forget, there was a big piece missing. I love sharing my races with Maura and the kids.  Selfishly, Maura motivates me better than anyone. Just hearing her voice pushes me. I think it's a great thing for the kids to see and be a part of in NYC. The crowds, the supportive strangers, the strange people :) and more!  I cannot wait! :)

A couple easy to use, helpful websites

I want to give you more.  I know the success of any blog with a strong following is all based on the readership.  It is important for you to feel like you are getting something out of this beyond hearing me boast about my running/races.  

I regularly use two websites that help me a great deal and are simple, yet helpful.  The first is my pre-run mapping device.  I know there are apps and running programs out there, but this is simply plug in your address, go to the map and click on points to create a route and see where to go and how far it is. I call it my G-Map.  It's easy to use and you click on the left to start a course and click points on the roads as you go.  It shows you mile/kilometer markers and you can do loops, point to point, out and back, etc.  Also, it is completely accurate.

Second, my go to pace calculator site is Cool Running.  It's an easy, on site table to creating and finding oout your pace, distance, and time.  All you do is plug in what you have and it will give you the rest.  Want your pace?  Plug in your distance and time.  Want your expected finish time?  Plug in the pace you want to run and the distance.  You can use race specific distances or input distances in miles, kilometers, meters, or yards.  I love how easy it is to use.

I hope these help you out.  Everyone has his/her go to sites and apps.  These are two of mine.  If you have any that you like or would recommend, send them my way.  I am always looking for things that are helpful.  I will pass them along as well.

The dangers of your first 5K

I would say this isn't the best example of proper carb loading.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tomorrow is the big day for me, Jon H., and Sean, and others, leading to November

Tomorrow is the drawing day for the TCS NYC Marathon.  I, along with my neighbor Jon, along with another friend Sean, along with thousands of other applicants, will find out if we were lucky enough to be selected to participate in the NYC marathon for 2016.  All of last year, from the post I published about getting in, until my race recap post, is a blur.  It was amazing from the preparation, to the expo, to the event, to the immediate aftermath.  

I plan to wear my 2015 medal tonight and tomorrow morning until I find out my results.  I will let you know how I make out asap.  Good luck to my neighbor Jon and friend Sean, I hope you guys get in too!

03/07/2016 Shock & Awe

This morning, at 7:30am, I experienced massive shock and awe.  Heading into the bathroom, I knew it wasn't going to be good.  I resigned myself to the fact that I was a bit indulgent over the last few months, and I now had to pay for it.  I thought it wouldn't be good, but couldn't be THAT bad.....

Shock and Awe

I stepped on the scale and WTF, it said 165.4.  I wasn't ready for that.  I quickly realized the following as I was standing there:

  1. I already peed so I couldn't blame it on that.
  2. I took off my clothes so I couldn't blame it on that.
  3. That .4, probably all the Oreos the night before.
I then quickly waddled off the scale, got into my bedroom and found some elastic sweatpants to wear and a nice baggy shirt.  I then lumbered downstairs to finish the morning routine and slugged my way to school.

I am calling it winter weight.  I need to shed my winter weight now so that I am not a blubbering seal on the race course.  Of course, today's run went well!  Any other day, I would have felt great today considering the relatively warm weather and the sun being out.  However, with the scale on my mind, it felt like forever out there.  When I finished my 5 miles, it was a decent 8:15/mile pace on hills.  It's all in how you feel though, and I felt like shit from the first step to the last.

Tonight's menu!?  Grilled chicken over salad of course with some water as dressing, maybe a little pepper.  If you will excuse me, I am going to go have an air sandwich for my lunch.