Friday, February 19, 2016

02/19/2016 Sometimes it all comes together on a run

Today, I turned in my longest, and strongest run, in awhile.  Sometimes, you go out and the run is a struggle no matter what you do or how fit you are.  When that happens, you go home and forget about it as fast as possible.  Sometimes though, a run like today happens and everything in the world feels good.  I ran an 8.5 mile run with a good amount of rolling hills in 1:07:46.  That's a pace of about 7:57/mile and the splits are as follows:

17:15- 0:39 (7%)8'18"/MI
25:20- 0:13 (2%)8'05"/MI
33:05- 0:20 (4%)7'45"/MI
40:50+ 0:00 (0%)7'45"/MI
49:02+ 0:27 (-6%)8'12"/MI
56:55- 0:19 (3%)7'53"/MI
1:04:08- 0:40 (8%)7'13"/MI
Worth noting, and what I am most happy about it, is the 8th mile split, my fastest at 7:13, and the final half mile registered, but not shown in the chart, as 3:38, which is 7:16/mile pace.  What does this mean?  Even 6 miles in, I was able to kick up the speed on some tired legs and get moving.  The fitness is building and today, the world feels right.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

02/18/2016 Observations on today's run

As any runner will tell you, some days you think about your run during it and some days your mind wanders to other thoughts, ideas, etc.  I ran a good clip during my 5 mile run today.  It took me 37 minutes so the pace equated out to about 7:24/mile.  I can't ask for anything more right now.  Today, I spent most of my run thinking about 2 topics.  Both of which are interesting for different reasons.

First, I thought a great deal and planned my visit to my daughter's Girl Scout Troop this afternoon.  My wife, Maura, and our friend, Jen, are the troop leaders and asked me to come in with her husband and do a little presentation on Staying Fit, for a badge they are earning.  I, the PE teacher, and Mike, the Wyckoff PD Sergeant, are like Hanz and Franz I guess.  I will let you know how it goes.  Mike, myself, and 8 4th grade girls in a gym working on some fitness.  We will see!

Second, my left hamstring is being stupid.  I cannot say it's pulled, strained, hurt, whatever.  I don't know any other way to explain it other than that it feels locked, and unable to move freely.  I don't feel like it is hindering me, but it is annoying.  If I walk and lift my leg, or run a basic run, or go top speed in a sprint, all of them feel the same.  None is worse than the other.  

Tonight, I think I might ice it and take some Advil.  I do not think this will get worse, but I want to be proactive about it feeling better.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

02/17/2016 Run, Run, Run

It has been a couple days, with a yummy holiday mixed in, since I have run.  I have been thinking a lot about running, working out, etc. over the last few days.  I am a runner that sometimes tolerates cross training.  After I do it, I am satisfied.  However, I am a runner.

There is a basic belief in running that in order to get better, you need to add more mileage.  Strength stuff, speed stuff, nutrition, yoga, blah, blah, blah, all that stuff helps.  However, to really get the most out of your running, you need to run.  I have decided to not lose focus of that.  Over the next couple of months, I am going to run.  A lot.  I will supplement when I can and when I feel like it.  However, I am a runner, that's my focus.

Today, I am pleased to report that I got after it with a strong run of just over 6 miles and turned in a watchless time of about 46ish minutes.  I was moving pretty decent for no watch and a good rolling course.  The pace of under 8:00/mile is good for where I'm at.  It's time to build some mileage.