Wednesday, February 10, 2016

02/10/2016 Easy way to recover and monitor my motivation

This afternoon, I took 30 minutes to get a fast walk in, attempting to stay loose and keep the blood flowing.  I got a great workout in earlier and I know my muscles need some recover.  I plan to increase my walking when I can and I have been staying hydrated.  As I was walking, I was thinking, "What are the signs that my motivation level is up?"  Here are my answers to this question, if as a reader, you notice my fluctuations.

1.  If I am cross training, my motivation is headed in the right direction.  I really do not enjoy cross training for the most part, but I know the benefits.  When I practice what I preach, I am realizing the correlation.  

2.  I am hydrating when I am motivated.  I am notoriously not a water guy.  I do not like it.  When I am putting the H2O in, it's a good sign.

3.  The more I post, the more I am into it.  My writing and posting motivation seems to go along with my running motivation.  Here's to hoping I post a lot over the next few months!

4.  I am eating healthy when motivated.  It's all good on the nutrition front right now.  I am adding some smart carbs so I can be more efficient running, but watching intake to continue weight loss.

I'm sure, as readers, you can see the ups and downs of my training.  I sometimes wish I could look from the outside at my blog.  It does, however, sound mortifying as well.

02/10/2016 HIIT til it hurts, @athleteonfire would be proud

Today, I worked out for about 35 minutes.  I completely created this workout with a runner in mind, (me) working the legs and core hard, finishing with some upper body as well.  Here it goes, give it a try.  Once again, it is minimal on the equipment side so what's not to love?  All movements were done for about 60-70 feet with the same as a jog recover in between, except the sprints.  They were about 80ish feet.

Bear Crawl, 2X
Reverse Bear Crawl, 2X
Side walk in push up position, both sides
Lunge & Twists, 2X
Side walk in push up position, both sides
High Knees, 2X
Butt Kicks, 2X
Power Skips, 2X
Bounders, 2X
10 Accelerator Sprints
10 Pull ups
10 Air Squats
30 Russian Twists, 10lb ball
2 Min Farmer's walk, 35 lbs each side
25 Push ups
10 Air Squats
1 Min Plank
1 Min Farmer's Walk
30 Russian Twists

It was a full body, tiring experience.  I do not think a single body part isn't tired.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Check out this article to find out how to watch the US Marathon Olympic Trials of Saturday, Feb. 13th

On Saturday, hundreds of United States elite runners will line up at the L.A. Marathon in hopes of securing a spot on the 2016 Summer Olympic team for the Rio Games this summer.  Check out this article on Competitor for your options for tuning in.

02/09/2016 Solve this math riddle! 8 miler - carbs=???

So what does an 8 mile run - carbs = ???  I will tell you, it equals a 5.5 mile run instead!!  I am freaking tired.  As I have been running for some years now, I kind of know my body and how it feels during different periods of activity and inactivity.  Right now, my fitness level feels pretty good.  My legs feel strong and fit.  However, my energy level blows right now.  I need some carbohydrates in this system.  I think it needs to happen ASAP.  

I have lost a few pounds this past week and I am happy about that.  However, the extreme carb avoidance can probably end now and I can simply be smart about eating.  Coupled with the fitness motivation I have right now and I should remain committed to my race weight for the upcoming season.

Somebody get me a peanut butter sandwich!

Monday, February 8, 2016

02/08/2016 Getting used to the cold, a great run to start the week

I think I can finally say that I am able to deal with the cold weather while running.  I have put a few runs in during the last couple weeks that were in temps of the low 30's and today was the same, plus some not so fun wind.  I am never going to like it, but I think I am pretty much past the stage where I quit on a run.  I can suffer through the cold temps and get the run in.

Today, still dealing with zero carbs in my body, I felt really fresh starting my run.  Saturday and Sunday as rest days really lets me recharge.  I ran 6 miles today and I felt sluggish the second half, especially on a really long climb in mile 5.  However, I grinded it out and put in a solid time of under 50 minutes.  Here are my splits, mile 5 I didn't like, I never like a mile split above 9:00, but it is all up hill.

15:22- 0:36 (7%)7'23"/MI
22:58+ 0:13 (-3%)7'36"/MI
30:56+ 0:22 (-5%)7'58"/MI
40:58+ 2:04 (-26%)10'02"/MI
49:21- 1:39 (16%)8'23"/MI
Overall, I cannot be anything but happy with this run.  Tomorrow, I up the mileage to maybe 8 miles and work toward some strength stuff this week.