Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12/13/2016 Today's run in the cold

What I feel like when it's below 50.
It's like 35 degrees outside and I got out for a basic 5 miler.  This, in itself, does not seem particularly earth shattering.  However, when you recall my cold weather wimp status, you should know that I feel like a champion for doing it.  I hate the cold.  
I thought about it the whole time I was running today that, if I lived in a warm climate, I would probably be a 3:00 marathoner.  I do not mind if it's 90 degrees outside, I just do not like it less that 50 degrees.  I feel like my father, except he has a sweet spot of about 72 degrees and partly sunny.  At least with me, anything about 50's and I am good.

The real focus however, should be the run.  I did a 5 miler with a pace of around 8:30/mile, give or take.  I don't really care about pace right now.  December and January are tasked with building miles again, speed will return in February or March.  I have to keep after myself to get out and run, I haven't died on a cold day yet.  


Jen said...

Oh man, I am the complete opposite of you! Once it gets above 70, I legit feel like I'm going to melt with every single step!!


Carolina Santamaria said...

Wow! I feel so inspired!