Monday, December 5, 2016

12/05/2016 Need a quick 30 minute workout? Here it is!

Slowly, the motivation is coming back.  Today, I was motivated to workout, but not in the cold.  Tomorrow, I will suck it up and run outside.  F.  However, for today, I decided to jog 10 minutes as a warm up and then do 2 times through the following exercises.  On a side note, the 10 minute jog did feel great.  I felt rested, smooth, and free of nagging aches/pains.  I guess that it's a sign to get out there and use these strong legs.  Here is the circuit:
Front Plank

25 Jumping jacks
25 Push ups
1 min. Wall sit
1 min. Plank ( 1st set I did a left, then a right side plank, second set I did front plank)
2 min. Farmer's walk
25 Crunches
25 Push ups
25 Box jumps

At the end, it worked out to be just about 30 minutes total.  I didn't rest between exercises, but I took 30 seconds between the 2 sets to catch a breath and sip my water.  


Janelle J said...

I like this workout! I would probably struggle with getting up to 25 pushups at this point (lol) but you've got a great balance of exercises here.

Brian DePersis said...

Thanks! I like to abuse each body part equally!