Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today, I joined the Clean Sport Collective, #cleansportco

After seeing a video of Michael Wardian, the strangely bionic spuper runner able to drop 2:34 marathons every weekend, joining the Clean Sport Collective, I went over to the site to check it out.  It is an organization that promotes clean sport through athletes, brands, teams, coaches, trainers, and anyone in and around sports.  

There is a simple pledge form to fill out and also a page where you can attempt to get clean sport certified, mainly for pro athletes and brands I'm sure.  There is also a donation page, but I love that it isn't required.  If you want to, you can, but the pledge starts with the individual, not their money.

For myself, it is not only about being an athlete I think, but also about promoting the clean sport initiative on TheDailyFitnessJournal and my social media.  

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