Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/30/2016 Wednesday's Workout, a little HIIT time

Well, since the marathon, I have been the poster boy for post marathon lack of motivation.  It happens to even the best, a total lack of motivation.  I did however, have a major motivation factor for eating in these recent weeks.  Yikes!  I'm fat.  That being said, I am feeling the motivation coming back, not only to run, but to be fit again.  Consequently, I decided to reverse my normal course of action today and workout rather than go for a run.

I do feel good after running, like I accomplished something.  However, knowing that I do not love to cross train, when I get that in, I really feel good about it.  It's like I have overcome a major obstacle.  So, for 23 minutes today, I was the man!  Ha, kidding.  I need to keep at it.  I am a little weak these days.  

Today's workout, as I like to keep it with cross training was really simple, but challenging.  I warmed up with 5 minutes of jump rope, then did 2 times through the following circuit.  I finished up with a 10 minute walk at the end.  Total time was 33 minutes.  Short and sweet.  

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