Monday, November 7, 2016

11/07/2016 The aftermath of NYC and some tidbits

Just like a wedding you plan for all year, the NYC Marathon has come and gone.  All I have left is a medal and some F-ed up legs!  Not really, the whole point of running NYC for me, is the amazing experience of it and how it really speaks to what running means to so many people.  I love the event, and hope to continue to do it as often as possible.  

I will be launching my first video soon of the race expo from Thursday.  Please keep in mind it is my first one and I am shaky to begin with.  I am well aware that some parts look like I downed 12 Mountain Dews and had a few No-Doz's before I started filming.  That being said, I am no professional.  I also took video and stills during the marathon, but haven't gotten to them yet.  A video will come out before next year's race :)  

Some of the funny signs I liked yesterday include, but aren't limited to because I was out of my mind after like mile 16:

1.  Get running, Negan is behind you!! (With a pic of Negan on the poster)
2.  Milk was a bad choice!
3.  Run like Phoebe!
4.  Never trust a fart!
5.  Run random stranger!
6.  Because running 26.3 would be crazy right?!?!

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