Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ugh, not sure what is going on here

Today was my second attempt at my final long run.  Last week's 15 miler went well, I should have kept running that day.  Today, all I could muster was a slow 10 miles in about 1:30.  My best guess is that last weekend and the massive amount of physical labor, just zapped me and I have yet to recover.  Add that to the mileage I am still doing, even though it's difficult, and I must just be depleted and getting worse.  

I do not know whether to get some more miles in later today, or what.  I think I might need an extra day off this week.  Tomorrow may be limited to a walk for a bit.  I have really kept it together physically these last couple months of training, I don't want the wheels to fall off so close to the race.  

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