Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/17/2016 Running with @GoPro for the first time, kinda cool!

Today, I started the week with a nice 6 miler at a comfortable pace around 8:15/mile.  I brought my
friend's GoPro with me for the first time and tried some shots and video.  Although I feel that I look and sound like a dork on it, I do think it's kinda cool.  It did make me take note of the surroundings a lot more and be in the moment with my run.  On a recovery run or just getting some mileage in, I would be good to go.  I don't see myself wanting to deal with it on a tempo, training, speedwork session, etc.  

First impressions:

1.  After watching a video for about 5 minutes on Youtube, I felt comfortable trying it out.
2.  About 5 minutes into my run, I felt great about using it, switching between picture and video modes and handling the camera.
3.  Holding it steady is not easy for me.  I'm not steady handed.
4.  It's fun and I can't wait to use it on the race and soak up the crowds, sights, sounds, etc. of NYC!

My next task is figuring out how to take all the little vids and pics and get them into a coherent little video montage.  I am thinking IMovie and some sweet tunes in the background, not my voice!

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