Friday, October 14, 2016

10/14/2016 Best week in awhile, second recovery run

Today ends my running week.  I hit a total of 39 miles for Monday through Friday.  It is easily my best total miles, as well as the quality of miles.  Here is the recap:

Monday- 8 miles
Tuesday- 15 miles
Wednesday- 5 miles
Thursday- 6 miles
Friday- 5 miles

Tomorrow and Sunday, I will be performing extreme cross training as my brothers are coming dow with their wives and we will be building an 85 foot retaining wall.  The wall will be my of 700 blocks, each about 22-23 lbs.  Monday morning my legs will be good to go, but my upper body should be shot.

Looking ahead, next week will feature my top long run before the marathon, as well as my biggest week at roughly 40-45 miles.  Twenty-four days to go.  NYC here I come.