Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/13/2016 Building my best week in a long time

Tonight, I ran a nice 6 mile recovery run.  My overall time was 55 minutes and change.  I averaged around 9:15ish per mile.  It was exactly what I needed.  I got some miles in and kept it slow since I am coming off 8 on Monday, 15 on Tuesday, and a hard 5 miler yesterday.  

At 34 miles for the week, I am a little tired now, but still feel good.  I am looking at another easy 5 miler tomorrow.  Although I will not be running this weekend, I am doing some serious work at the house building a retaining wall that will be approximately 700 blocks.  Each block weighs roughly 22 lbs.  Thank God my brothers and sister in laws are coming to help.  

Heading into next week, I will max out my mileage in training before I start to taper the following week.  Next week will be about a 40-42 mile week.  Tomorrow I will post some information about the marathon for those spectating and that may want to follow me on the race course.

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