Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10/05/2016 6 miler today, interesting posts on the way

It's a perfect fall day.  Sunny and temps around 65 degrees, couldn't be better for a run.  Although I know I am under the gun time wise, I like where I'm at for my training.  Physically, I feel good.  I have no aches, pains, illnesses, or anything bothering me.  This is typically the time when people start to feel fatigue from marathon training and their rest days are crucial.  There is something to be said for being undertrained :)  

Do not get me wrong, preparation is key, I'm just trying to look at the bright side.  I am thankful for having a couple weeks to get in a couple significant runs still, and I plan to take full advantage.  

Today, I ran a 6 miler, starting off slow and building to a 7:30/mile pace for my final mile.  Finishing strong, as I often talk about, does wonders for the mental side of your training, as well as the physical side.

In the coming posts here on The Daily Fitness Journal, I look forward to publishing some guest posts, a couple product reviews, and some race reports.  I also will be providing some additional inforation on the brands I will be working with this coming year.  It's a good time to be running, sharing, and progressing!  Good luck on your run today, tomorrow, whenever!

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