Wednesday, September 28, 2016

09/28/2016 with fitness, comes quickness

Coming off of 7 miles on Monday and 13 miles yesterday, I expected to be a little tired today, even a little sore.  However, when I started out for my 5 miler, I quickly realized I was in good shape.  Consequently, I decided to bag the easy jog I had planned and to get in some faster miles today.  

I warmed up with an average first mile.  From there, miles 2-5 looked like this:

Mile 2- 7:41
Mile 3- 7:34
Mile 4- 7:31
Mile 5- 7:18

Running faster just hasn't been there for me recently as I have been building a base.  With 20 miles in the tank, running these splits felt good.  I will be able to sink another minute+ off these times in the future, but for now, my fitness is clearly building as my speed comes along too.

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