Tuesday, September 27, 2016

09/27/2016 A half marathon and scheduling 41 days out from NYC

Tuesday is long run day and this afternoon, only one soccer practice.  Thankfully, I was able to get out for 13.1 miles and each week I feel stronger and stronger.  Last week, I finished 10 miles knowing I could have gone 13-15.  This week, I finished 13.1 miles knowing I could have gone 15-16.  

The half marathon today took me 1:51 total.  If I stay on pace for November 6th, I should be able to run the target of 3:40-3:45 that I am shooting for.  Again, my time doesn't really matter, but a sub 4:00 would be good and I would like to shave a couple minutes off last year.

As I ran today, I tried to mentally go over the coming long runs.  I know I wrote it out a couple weeks ago, but I like to keep my ideas organic and ever flowing so my schedule doesn't keep me to regimented.  Based on a three week taper period for a marathon, I have 3 long runs left.  Here they are:

10/04/16----16 miles
10/11/16----13 miles
10/18/16----19-20 miles
**Taper begins**
10/25/16----15 miles
11/01/16----10 miles
11/06/16----26.2 miles

Based on this schedule, even though I came into September seriously under trained, I will absolutely be ready.  Also, as you can see, I have built in a step back on 10/11 as most training programs call for.  This allows the body to catch up a little and regain some rest, keeping you safer from injury.  I will discuss the taper in the coming weeks.

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