Tuesday, September 27, 2016

09/26/2016 It's nice to get the legs back after 2 off days

Saturday and Sunday are typically off days as it just makes sense to time it that way so the DePersis family can enjoy the weekend.  It's always a nice treat to get back out on Monday after a little time off.  The legs are fresh again, I feel good to go, and there's always a little extra bounce in the step.

Today was no different.  I ran a solid 7 miles at about 8:20/mile pace in anticipation of 13-15 miles tomorrow at about the same pace or slightly slower.  I am 6 weeks away from the marathon today and I need to squeeze in 2-3 significant long runs to get the time on my feet again.  I can feel my fitness returning and coupled with some gaining mileage, I should be in good shape.

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