Friday, September 23, 2016

09/23/2016 Miles for the week and mental focus

When I run, like most people, various things go through my head. Sometimes, I am focused on the run/workout. Some of the time I am planning work stuff. There are also some times when I am focused on a topic that is eating away at my brain. Something may be bothering me, and spending a run thinking about it can give me clarity. It may sound like it would be a less than fun way to spend a run, but I find that by thinking it out, I can usually come to a resolution, or an answer, or something I can make work. 

Also, to be honest, the run is often over before I know it when this happens. Today went well, and I didn't know it until I had finished. I ran 5 miles in about 40 minutes without a terrible amount of effort. This gives me a total of 26 miles for the week and having 5 miles at about 8:00/mile pace today is encouraging. I was also able to work through a plan of attack for an issue I need resolved.  Win win!

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