Thursday, September 22, 2016

09/22/2016 Running and speed stuff

God, I hope this weather sticks around for awhile.  It is just beautiful every day.  Eventually we are in trouble.  However, today is not that day.  I had a nice 5 + miler today.  The third day in a row and no pain or soreness, or even tired legs.  I feel pretty good.  I have 21+ miles in for the week and I look forward to another 5-6 tomorrow.  

As a way of finishing up the workout strong and teaching my legs to move even at the end of a run, I ran 10 sprints at the end of the workout.  After my 5+ miles, I walked about 100 meters.  I then proceeded to sprint 60-70 meters and walk back to the beginning.  When I got back to the start, I immediately started off on the next one.  I did this 10 times.  I started at about 75% and by the end, I was up to about 90% effort.

Running hard on tired legs can help with your focus, form, and getting those legs moving for the end of races/workouts when you are sapped.  Each time I went, I focused on my arm swing, my forward lean, my loose muscles, and my control.  An added bonus it's something different than just going out and running a few miles!

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