Wednesday, September 21, 2016

09/21/2016 Feeling stronger builds motivation

Taken from Run, Selfie, Repeat
As I ran my 6 miler today, I realized that I am starting to feel the fitness again.  It made me realize that at least for me, the reemergence of strong legs and lungs is has a snowballing effect.  As I get more fit, I want to run more, I want to keep after it.  My motivation comes from the feeling that I am achieving more every time I go out.  A couple weeks ago, my first few runs in, were slow slogs of non fitness.

It's important for people to realize that this is not limited to me.  It's also not a novel idea, but it is often overlooked.  Sometimes the end goal of losing weight, getting to a race, or whatever, is too far away.  If you focus on small gains and being self aware, your motivation will actually refuel itself.  

Coming off 10 miles yesterday, my legs were a little tired today, but I was still able to churn out 6 miles at 8:30/mile pace today without a lot of effort.  As I write this, dripping sweat in my eyes, I want more.  I can feel the fire burning even stronger now.

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