Monday, September 12, 2016

09/12/2016 Mini long run, decent pace

Monday has been my long run day for the last couple years.  Today, I decided to try a little longer run than I did last week to start pushing the envelope.  I only have like 50 some days until the marathon for God sake.  I pushed comfortably for 7 miles today and ended up at an average pace of 8:13/mile.  I totaled out at 57 minutes and change for 7 miles.  The last mile I ran a little harder, 7:50/mile pace and felt good.  By my estimation, I could probably slow down and run about 10 miles right now.  I have some work to do.

Moving forward the next few weeks, my long runs should look like this:

Sept. 19th--10 miles
Sept. 26th--13 miles
Oct.    3rd--15 miles
Oct.  10th--18 miles
Oct.  17th--14 miles
Oct.  24th--21 miles
Oct.  31st--15 miles

If I can hit these long runs and add in some 5-8 milers on the other days I run, I will be ready to go on November 6th.

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