Thursday, September 8, 2016

09/08/2016 Goodbye summer '16, time to move forward...

Well, it's been quite some time since my last post.  Almost 3 months actually.  My last post was my race report in June from the triathlon.  Quite frankly, after that race and post, I was a little burnt and low on the motivation front.  I tend to run hot and cold a lot, not much middle ground when talking about training.  Consequently, I took some time off from running and writing, telling myself not to go back until I wanted to.  I ran a handful of times in the summer and was feeling ready to ramp up on August 16th.  The reason I know this date specifically was that I went for a run on vacation and the next day, promptly fell and broke a rib.  Yep, that derailed me a bit.

I am back at it this week and have 3 runs in of 5 miles so far, tomorrow's run finishing my first full week at 20 miles.  I have 59 days until the NYC Marathon.  More on that to follow.  As I type here today, it feels good to be on here again.  That was what I was waiting for, the interest to be there.  I have a couple posts coming soon, including a Feature on a great sportswear company, Augusta Sportswear.  

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