Tuesday, June 7, 2016

06/07/2016 An abstract round of intervals

Today is a new day.  Yesterday sucked and today, I feel better.  I headead out for some faster running today and started with a warm up of about a mile.  Knowing I wanted to get in some intervals, I began running the following distances:

400M- 1:15
800M- 2:52
1200M- 4:22
1600M- 6:30

During each rest period, I walked for about 3-4 minutes.  After I finished the 1600M, I decided to head back down to some 400's to work on my speed.  I then ran the following 4X400M with only 90 seconds rest.

1.  85 seconds
2.  85 seconds
3.  86 seconds
4.  84 seconds

I finished with a cool down jog back to the start and had a total workout of about 7 miles.  

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