Friday, June 3, 2016

06/03/2016 Mini Workout

I had plans on getting a full 10-15X400M workout in today.  Sometimes, you must modify because of time constraints.  I ended my workout prematurely after 5 400 repeats, but did like the speed I was producing.  I ran them in the following times.  Take note that I left a full 3:30-4:00 rest in between each as I was after my top speed in each, or close to it.

.75 mile warmup jog
1st- 82 seconds
2nd- 82 seconds
3rd- 80 seconds
4th- 78 seconds
5th- 80 seconds
.5 mile cool down

I hope to replicate the workout in its entirety next week.  But, it was encouraging to hit those speeds.

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