Friday, May 20, 2016

Short on time...How about a simple, painful 35 min speed session?

Sometimes, you just do not have the time for a workout that you wish you had.  I was hoping to have a good amount of time today and to put in 12-15X400M repeats.  I realized mid day that I was going to be short on time.  Not wanting to scrap the session completely, I modified my plan.  This is what I decided on and ran:

I started with a 5 minute, roughly half mile jog.  I then ran 10X400M repeats.  All the repeats were between 80-90 seconds each.  Also, the rest period between was considerably shorter than the last time I did these repeats.  I kept my rest between at a mere 60 seconds.  After 7-8 of the 400's, I was sucking wind pretty good and that 60 second rest, seemed to go so fast.  I finished up with another 5 minute, half mile jog.  

I only had about a 3.5 mile workout total, but I kicked my ass and got some good speed work in.  Tuesday, I plan to run another speed session.  I want to run 800M repeats and really stretch myself out to get my speed up.  

I have a month left before race day, starting tomorrow.  I have the fitness to go long, but I need to add the speed to my runs and lower my pacing.

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