Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Satisfaction from the rain

Do you know what sucks more than running in the cold rain?  Running in the cold rain having to wear glasses because your eyeball is a mess.  I hate wearing glasses on any occasion, unless they are sunglasses.  Starting yesterday, my left eyeball has been really red and sore.  I don't think it's pink eye because I have had it so much, but who knows.  For now, I am going without the contacts, trying to give my eye some rest.

Running in my glasses blows and while raining, really blows.  I cannot see, the glasses are just dripping, they slide down my face.  I know what I sound like, but it's a fact.  I don't understand why anyone would choose to run in glasses, unless they are sunglasses. 

That being said, I did muscle out a great 7.5 mile run today.  I really felt great from step one through the last step.  I was dressed perfect for the rain and temp.  Wind pants, short sleeve, and a light jacket did me perfect.  I always feel a great amount of satisfaction getting in a run in the rain.  I guess it's an ego thing, but being able to say you are out running in the rain and gross weather is like a badge of courage.  My internal thought is that anyone can run when it's sunny, 60's, and nice out.  It takes some grit and willpower to get out there in the rain.  

It could just be my foolish attempt to convince myself how great I am and thereby trick myself into running even when I do not want to. :)

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