Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hill work, 6 miler, I love my Forerunner 230, @garmin @garminfitness

I have the black one.
Today, I really tried to push it on a couple serious climbs during my run.  I had an almost mile long ascent on 6-7% grade in mile 3 and mile 5.  The splits of my run are shown below and the pace shows my growing fitness.  Whereas a couple months ago, these climbs killed me and I was in the high 8:00's and 9:00's on the hill, I now am low 8:00's.  In training, these times are fine.  I will expect to push even harder on a couple key hills during the race, but when someone is behind you, you can always run faster. :)

Today, my second run with my new Garmin, I am loving it more and more.  It connects to GPS lightning quick and I am still learning all the features.  As I said yesterday, a full review is coming, after i am more comfortable with it.  However, early reports are fantastic.

15:49- 0:39 (7%)7'35"/MI
23:55+ 0:31 (-7%)8'06"/MI
32:02+ 0:01 (-1%)8'07"/MI
40:23+ 0:14 (-3%)8'21"/MI
47:54- 0:50 (9%)7'31"/MI
Also, visible above, my fastest mile was my last mile.  Mile 2 was my only true downhill.  The others were rolling to hilly.

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