Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A great smoothie and what I hate about smoothie recipes

First, here is a great recipe for a simple green smoothie:

2 peeled kiwi
1 peeled lime
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
2 handfuls of kale, (rip off the big stems)
few sprigs of mint
some ice

Blend it, drink it, feel good.  It's a powerhouse and it tastes good.  All of you kale/spinach haters, back off, it does taste good.  The kiwi and lime do all the work.  You can play with the amounts of the ingredients if you want to change up the consistency, taste, etc.  

Now, what sucks about all the recipes that I find online for smoothies?  It's the fact that most of them call for this type of extract, that type of water, or this type of some crap I have never bought, and probably would have to search for in Whole Foods for an hour and spend way too much $$ on.  Look, there are a million things you can find in a regular grocery store that are healthy and don't cost a lot, but will make a damn tasty smoothie.  

Ironically, the smoothie above lacks my normal smoothie staple, a frozen banana.  A frozen banana adds the obvious nutrition involved, but also provides a base of shake consistency and cold.  Add to this any combo of the list below and give it a shot.

frozen or fresh, no sugar added berries
Fat Free Milk
Cold Coffee
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Low Sugar Yogurt
Plain Greek Yogurt (stuff is gross tasting, but super good for you and hides well in a shake)
Wheat Germ
Flax Meal
Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Collard Greens

My point is, and this list can be 2 or 3 times longer if I sat and waited, if you want to go to a specialty store and drop a lot of $$ on some exotic shit, go for it.  Me, I like a tasty shake that is easy to get together and doesn't cost me a lot.  Feel free to comment with your own simple smoothie recipes or send me stuf to add to the list, or tell me I am an idiot!  I don't care!!


Jane Randazzo said...

Love this. Kids and I decided to try a new smoothie recipe each day. This one tastes like a milkshake:
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe
* 8 ounces soy milk, milk, or coconut milk.
* 1 Tablespoon honey
* 2 bananas (frozen)
* 1 Tablespoon cocoa powder.
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Brian DePersis said...

Hey, that's a great recipe too! Thanks for sharing. I like how simple it is, I think I have all that at home. Thanks!