Tuesday, May 31, 2016

05/31/2016 More training to go and some serious steps

Coming off the race on Memorial Day, I was disappointed.  Consequently, I want to make every day count for the next 18 days.  I had a big day with field day at my school today, quite busy and very active.  First, before my run.  I do not value my step counting very intensely, but I will say that 29,500 steps for today makes me pretty satisfied with my activity level.  I think I had like 10,000 before 11am.

As for my run today, I am focusing on speed and climbing over the majority of my workouts for the next 2 weeks.  Today, I did hill repeats.  I used a hill that is probably about 5% grade, and is about .43 miles long.  After about  mile warmup, I hit the hill, running strong form and strength on the uphill and jogging faster on the way down.  I ran 5 of the hill repeats and corresponding jogs.  At the end of my run, I had gone about 6miles exactly and kept my pace overall at about 8:00/mile.  For 48 minutes, I climbed and descended.  

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