Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RIP Nike Sportswatch, you served me well

Final resting place, back to Nike.
Well, it's official, the Nike Sportswatch is dead.  I spoke to a rep at Nike Support and after trying a couple of things, she called the time.  My Sportswatch is no more.  It served me well for a couple years and faithfully tracked my runs, gave me my spits, and kept me informed.  On the bright side, the rep from Nike was very helpful and took into account my years of use, mileage put in on the watch, and my blog reach.  She was nice enough to give me warranty coverage even though I am over a year past my warranty.  I am getting a full Nike credit for the purchase price in about 7-10 days.

The downside of the deal though, Nike no longer manufactures the Sportswatch.  I could still get it from a third party if I want, or I can go with a different watch.  No decisions have been made, but I am a little nervous about not having a watch to track for awhile.  

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